27 Dec 2018

1930s Art Deco and Modernism

What is Art Deco?
There's no definitive answer to this question as we’ve all got a different take on it.
Do you like cantilevered simplicity or Jazz Age geometrics? Do you "ooh" every time you drive past The Hoover Factory? Do you "aah" when you see Senate House? Do you yearn to live in a house with interiors to rival Eltham Palace*
Well, these walks are for you, because, as those example illustrate, there is not just one design ideal for this period.
Join me on a walking tour in Camden, Shoreditch, Spitalfields, Holloway and Arsenal/Finsbury Park to see a cross-section of architecture from this motivational era. We'll visit fabulous façades on factory buildings that look more like Egyptian temples and offices blocks that resemble ocean liners.
I am confident that on each of these walks you'll find your own special 'wow' factor.

*go Google – I can't be bothered to do the links!!

More Art Deco tours in other areas soon – Please see the schedule for more information or subscribe for updates here.

Here's a review on tripAdvisor about my Art Deco Holloway walk: