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24 Oct 2023

About me

Born in Barking, schooled in Romfordin 1988 I relocated to Holloway, London N7, because it ticked so many boxes and I haven't yet found good reason to leave. In addition to the area's diverse social and shopping facilities, this area of North Islington is layered in fascinating history, as well as being a convenient transport hub to connect with the City, the West End, and green spaces further afield
Having spent many years taking thousands of photos and writing up my London observations via my Jane's London blog, I made the decision, after encouragement from friends, that the next logical step would be to share my observations and findings via guided walks in the real world. 
I completed the  Clerkenwell and Islington guiding course in 2017 and since then have been sharing my knowledge and observations with other like-minded souls. 
My delivery style, like my personality, is inclusive, open and friendly, you could say chatty – this would be because I like to engage with my attendees and this leads to a marvellous knowledge exchange – people often refer to my infectious enthusiasm.
During the lockdown in 2020 I began to offer online talks and tours via Zoom and this has enabled me to connect and share with people all around the world. It's been a delight. 

The varied subjects I cover showcase the different facets of my personality and the things I am genuinely interested in, such as art and design, sculpture and architecture, pubs, parks, old signage and advertising. Every tour I offer, whether a walk along the streets, a presentation online, or a talk to a group in a school hall, is designed, researched and updated by me personally, having checked, cross-referenced and contradicted(!) the 'facts' available. As such, everything is a work in progress and I am always happy for attendees to correct me or add to the story. 

Suggestions and bespoke commissions are always welcome.
I hope to see you soon,


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Also see Jane's London "the wonderful little details on, around and above London's streets" – though it's fair to say that I do have a have a few rants too(!)