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Walking tours – let's get back on the streets!!

At last!!! It would be lovely to see you – please join me for a socially-distanced wander as we mooch (or march) along the streets and off the beaten track. Find out more here
I have lots of routes to tempt youSome are previously available ones, others are new alternatives along high streets and back roads. Art Deco is always popular – I will be adding some more routes soon.
But if you'd like to get away from the concrete, how about a walk along the New River Path through Haringey, Hackney or Islington, including Woodberry Down and Clissold Park – especially lovely at this time of year – great for nature lovers and bird watchers. A circular perambulation within Finsbury Park, the park for the people, is also a nice way to spend a few hours, as is my Green and Pleasant Islington, which takes us away from the busy main roads of Upper St and Holloway Rd. Or how about a stroll along the Regent's Canal in Islington finding out about its heritage. Another canal walk from Islington to Kings Cross and St Pancras is in the making.

Join me for a virtual tour/ online presentation

My online presentations via Zoom have been working out well. I am really enjoying hosting them and it's meant that people from all around the globe can access London without leaving their sofa, let alone putting on a pair of shoes. The feedback has been marvellous and many attendees return to me as I publish new ones. 
The routes are designed to be similar to a Jane's London walking tour although, with no actual walking or travel involved, we can be in Lambeth one minute and Mayfair the next. This has meant I can offer talks on a theme, or about a person or a product, using maps and images to tell the story. Subjects range from Art Deco and architects to street markets and Daniel Defoe.

Put a Spring back in your step
– London Is Lovely is designed as a walk around the City and West End with inspirational ideas for alternative views and places across this fair metropolis – sunsets, sculpture, royalty, romance, memorials, parks, gardens and more. 

Walks in Soho

At the beginning of 2020 I introduced my tour French Soho and it has been on hold ever since thanks to the pandemic, although having wandered around the streets in this area of W1 it would have been easy keeping socially distanced in such an unusually sparsely-populated district. I am really keen to lead this french one again again. Other Soho routes are available including Art Deco Soho with more ideas in the making – Italians, lost clubs and venues, Art Nouveau and the movie industry. Do let me know if you are interested in any of these and I will move them higher up my 'To Do' list.

Video! Video!

(I must admit I have let this slide a little of late since spending the last few months designing virtual tours)
You might already be aware of the little impromptu videos I was been making last year – I loaded some of them on my Facebook page. These and many more can now be found on my YouTube channel
Almost every one has some kind of silly mistake in it – they are unscripted amateur things of me walking and wittering about something I have just happened upon when I am out for a wander. Errors are bound to occur as I am only human(!). Each video is approx 5mins long, similar in length to a stop on a guided walk. There are also some short bursts on my Instagram too @janeslondon

If my schedule doesn't suit your diary, simply request a walking tour on a date of your choosing. 
Don't be shy – one person picks a time and date, I then add it to the schedule and we quickly get other like-minded souls joining in.
Or how about organising a walk for a group of family/friends? – this could be one of my pre-planned tours or a bespoke request in a certain area – please do get in touch

For inspiration, a list of all my tours by location and subject matter can be found here

Research, reading and writing continues – A lot of my sitting down time has been spent on research as this lockdown has enabled me to finally apply myself to some serious research. There are two sites in Islington that I have long been fascinated by. One site is a big department store in Holloway, that some of you might have heard about on my Deco and Victorian walks, and the other is a market. Both subjects have kept me engrossed, lost in newspaper archives and old books, and what I originally thought would be just be a bit of back-up information now looks to be evolving into two books which creates another project in itself, how to get them into print? I will probably self-publish so that I can do the design and layout myself, but any advice is welcome.

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Art Deco walks and online tours

Piccadilly, Soho, Covent Garden, Bloomsbury, Shoreditch, Smithfield and more... plus themed walks; residential, theatreland and specific locations – just click here for more info
What is Art Deco?

More Deco/1930s tours in other areas coming soon – do let me know if there is a part of London that you are specifically interested in and I will endeavour to push that one to the top of my 'To Do' list.

Kings Cross and The Ladykillers 

The zone behind Kings Cross station, especially the street plan, has changed so much in the last ten years. However, there are still hints of  the past that remain and, south of the station, the streets are almost the same as they were in this much-loved 1955 film. 
Using archive historical reference and stills from the movie we'll make comparisons of then and nowThe walk continues northwards and following, as near as possible, the route of the farcical heist, we end the tour overlooking the railway line just like Alec Guinness!
Along the way you'll be able to discover more about the area's rich history. More info here.

For an overview of all my walking tours by location/theme just click here 

Walks along the Regents Canal

Local and social history, architecture and advertising.

Boxes, Babies, Beans and Bras – a ghostsigns trail of still-visible decades-old signage above and around the Regents Canal in Islington showcasing the diverse range of products and services made and sold in this area.

Wharves, Waterways and Windmills – a 2hr circular route from City Road Basin, following the borough border between Islington and Hackney, looking at how the canal has evolved into to become a desirable place to live, work and relax. Hear about the kinds of products and businesses of old that pre-1960s used to make this a noisy, dirty, no-go zone. Oh how times have changed.

Mudlarking tours along the Thames foreshore

This is still bubbling away as a work in progress...
You might already be aware that I hold a Port of London Authority foreshore licence and make jewellery, accessories and various other arty things from the fragments of clay smoking pipes that I select from the banks of the River Thames at low tide. 
The plan is to organise a guided walk which will include a visit to the foreshore with time for mudlarking. Please do get in touch if this is something you'd be interested in – if enough people are keen I will move this to the top of my 'To Do' list.
Another similar tour is also in the pipeline (see what I did there!) and this will be craft-based, ending in a cafe or similar where attendees get creative and learn how to turn their finds into something useful or wearable. 

Jane's London Cards and Prints

Some of my photographs are available as greeting cards, prints and posters. Most of the images are from North London but others are available on request.
Buy online through my Etsy shop.
Buy in person at The Only Place For Pictures and Oxfam Bookshop in UpperSt, N1, or from Treehouse giftshop in Crouch End.
Facebook page for Jane's London cards and prints
Also see my website

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