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23 Oct 2023


A selection of feedback is shown below
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Over 25% of online attendees have returned for more, with over half of those attendees attending at least three talks. Thank you!
"Jane is a wonderful guide! She is very knowledgeable and has great humor. She had us laughing and surprised with fascinating facts about Agatha's life. Thank you, Jane!"

"I’m not one to leave reviews Jane but I hope you realise by our continued attendance that we thoroughly enjoy Jane’s Jaunts !!"

"Just to say how much I enjoyed your walk and talk yesterday. I do like your social historian approach and your complete lack of academic “talk down”. You were sharing your enthusiasm and knowledge with like minded people and it was great! Many thanks. I’m sure to be back!"
"I enjoyed the online tour of buildings by Sir Giles Gilbert Scott and your enthusiasm is always so catching online or in person. Thanks!"
"I really like your presentation skills Jane. Your conversational style is so refreshing compared to other talks I have attended which are more academic in their delivery. You have introduced me to many new things in an engaging way. I will keep returning for more [online tours via Zoom]"
"We would like to thank you for your amazing historical tour [Piccadilly Deco]. Your knowledge and the amazing buildings held our attention despite the rain. Well done for your hard work... thank you again for your excellent research."

"I took one of Jane's virtual tours (Ghostsigns - Pills, Plasters, Potions and Pick-me-ups) and it was fascinating. She is an excellent, engaging, interesting speaker and I will definitely be back for more."
"Wow, I can't believe how many of these you are still managing to come up with [Art Deco presentations via Zoom] and I am loving them all... very much enjoying these talks" 

[The Carreras Story, online presentation] "Quite an eye opener and you were a perfect guide. Clear and nicely paced dialogue which was a pleasure to listen to" / "Your presentation was fascinating – the hour flew by!" / "A really great talk, Jane – so much information"
"[Jane] points out all the things anyone would just walk by without noticing, and she is a lovely personality. She does walks on all different topics."

"Today was the first time I have heard one of your presentations and I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed it. The number of buildings you covered [on Alternative Art Deco Delights virtual tour] was just right and the information you provided, together with the photographs was excellent."

"I was really impressed... I learned so much about an area that I was born in many years ago [Arsenal/FinsburyPk Deco walk]... the history behind the football club and its impact on the local area was very interesting... it's easy to tell how passionate Jane is about her varied subjects... I can thoroughly recommend Jane's tours."

"This was a great walk [ArtDecoHolloway]... Now I feel I know the area on my doorstep much better, thanks to Jane. She weaves her own journey of discovery... and her enthusiasm and fascination rubs off on you!" 

"Another fascinating walk... around the Angel and the Regent's Canal area. Jane's walks are a fantastic insight into little known areas of London and she is a great gatekeeper of hidden history... she showed us a part of London we had never explored before. Ghost signs, lost light industries and the echoes of time past. Wonderful."

"Jane makes us look up and see what is around us. The ghost signs are a perfect example of this and the history of these old advertisements, painted or built onto the sides of buildings... an interesting insight into our social history. Our first walk with Jane was looking at Art Deco buildings in the City of London and we are looking forward to another ghost signs walk."

"[The Ladykillers] walk was both very enjoyable and informative. We were able to visit the locations used to make the film and compare with [stills from] the original film.... We departed wanting to again see the film to relive the walk. For those that saw [the film] all those years ago, the walk is a must."

"Enjoyed all the 6 Art Deco walks I have done so far and opened my eyes to the 30s style of architecture which more varied than I thought. Looking forward to doing more walks in the future."

"I have been on one of Jane's walks and her ascent of the Caledonian Market clock-tower. Both excellent in content and very entertaining."

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