19 Feb 2020

Health and Safety during Covid-19

If you've been on one of my walking tours you will know I begin with a disclaimer explaining that, as we will be walking on public pavements and crossing public roads, that your safety is your own responsibility but should anything out of the ordinary happen I am insured as a qualified guide. Basically, to take care when crossing the roads etc, and look out for yourself as you would do on any normal day.
During Covid-19 restrictions these stipulations are further enhanced. It is even more important that you take responsibility for your own safety during these troubled times, especially as my insurance cover will not be valid.
To clarify – you join my walking tours at your own discretion. 
Me in red, attendees in blue

GROUP SIZES – Goup sizes for my tours are, at the moment, limited to nine customers plus me, as shown in this basic diagram. Friends and families in bubbles will, of course, be able to stand closer together.
MASKS ETC – Please bring personal protection with you – face coverings, wipes/gels, gloves or similar protection. On some of my tours we venture inside and/or into private spaces and on these occasions masks etc will be required.
I do not wear a mask when leading my tours, instead I ensure that I position myself at least one metre from any member of the group. It is entirely up to you whether you wear a mask yourself when we are outdoors.

I would really like to find out how you feel about attending guided walks at the moment – I have devised this anonymous short survey and would really appreciate your feedback and any other comments you wish to make.